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Expedia brings high-value international bookings

Hotel Kazurabashi, Japan

1 March 2017   |  [wpfai_social]

We joined Expedia in order to attract travelers from abroad to our Ryokan, as Expedia offers exposure through many well-known brands such as, Travelocity, and Trivago.

Since we joined Expedia, 20% of our total bookings are now from travelers from abroad.

Guests who book to stay at our property through the Expedia group websites are often from developed Asian countries, such as Hong Kong and Singapore, seeking premium accommodation and services.

With Expedia, we don’t have to worry about guests not turning up for bookings, as we chose the Expedia Collect payment model, where payment is taken at the time of booking, and by using Channel Manager, we have managed our rates and availability with no issues so far.

Expedia PartnerCentral is a platform allowing hoteliers to manage their properties across the portfolio of Expedia sites, and offers several useful tools. Content Score tells us how attractive our Ryokan is to potential customers, and competitive set provides information about other properties around us.  When we want to set up a promotion, all we have to do is to pick a period and discount percentage. All this makes managing our property through Expedia PartnerCentral quick and easy.

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“20% of our total bookings are now from travelers from abroad.”


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