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Expedia bookings see longer booking windows

Keiryuso Shiorie, Japan

1 March 2017   |  [wpfai_social]

We decided to register with Expedia in order to fill available rooms with inbound travelers on weekdays and in the off season. We started our partnership with Expedia in December 2016. Since then, we’ve seen a great increase in bookings from inbound customers.

It didn’t take long to receive our first bookings through Expedia. We have started to receive bookings with a longer booking window, of up to two months. As reviews have increased, this has also contributed to increased bookings. Expedia PartnerCentral is a platform offering a variety of tools to help partners manage their properties across Expedia’s portfolio of brands. After only a month of working with Expedia, we started to take part in seasonal promotions through Expedia PartnerCentral.

Expedia’s support center provides the most dedicated support of all the international OTAs in Japan. I am grateful for Expedia’s quick responses to my requests and would like to continue working with Expedia in the long term.

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“We’ve seen a great increase in bookings from inbound customers.”


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